Blossa 23 - Gamla Stan - set

Blossa 23

This year, Blossa's annual glögg celebrates 20 years by travelling back home to seek inspiration from the vibrant squares, bustling breweries and narrow alleys of Stockholm Old Town. Blossa 23 is a white wine glögg offering an exciting flavour combination of fresh raspberries and floral hops, and is a celebration of Blossa's rich history in craftmanship.

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Blossa 23 - Gamla Stan Alkoholfri - set

Blossa 23 Alcohol free

A unique and long-awaited happening for this year's annual glögg is the launch of an alcohol-free version. This year's annual glögg is therefore available to more people, and the options for the glögg buffet are even greater.

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Blossa Haymarket rum 24 kampanjbild

Room 24

Christmas time is the best time of the year. It's just too short! Most of us don't really have time to stop, look around, snuggle up, feel the scents and just enjoy.

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Miss Li Vintertid

Winter music

Winter is great and everyone at Blossa loves it! But we also know that it also can be a bit of a struggle. Therefor we want to inspire to warm and happy moments to boost with energy – all winter long!

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