Blossa 22 - New Orleans - set

Blossa 22

This year Blossa has gone to New Orleans and inspires of the streets where the jazz music vibrates. The glögg of 22 is a homage to the city’s exciting melting pot of flavors. Blossa 22 blends rum, passionfruit, lime, strawberries, blueberries, and chili with classic glögg spices and the result is a taste experience rich in nuances.

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Blossa 24 - Door opens

Rum 24

Christmas time is the best time of the year. It's just too short! Most of us don't really have time to stop, look around, snuggle up, feel the scents and just enjoy.

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Miss Li Vintertid

Winter music

Winter is great and everyone at Blossa loves it! But we also know that it also can be a bit of a struggle. Therefor we want to inspire to warm and happy moments to boost with energy – all winter long!

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Nyhet  -  Blossa Rosé

Nyhet - Blossa Rosé

For the first time ever, Blossa's legendary spice blend is mixed with a rosé wine, which compared to a classic Blossa gives a more refreshing profile that is also drier in taste. In Blossa Rosé, strawberry and cranberry have also been added, which gives a more fruity character.

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