Blossa 22 - New Orleans

In 2022, Blossa set off for New Orleans and danced to the tunes of jazz in the streets where impressions flowed, much like the excitement on Christmas Eve.

Blossa 22 - New Orleans - set

This year's glögg was a celebration to the city, where flavors from the French Quarter and the legendary Hurricane drink converged in a dazzling explosion of taste. Drawing inspiration from the drink, we flavored the glögg with rum, lime, and created our own twist on fassionola consisting of passion fruit, strawberry, and blueberry – a flavor symphony dressed up for a party. And to honor the spicy culinary culture of Creole and Cajun cuisine, we added chili and smoked paprika, delivering a spicy kick and a jazzy dance on the taste buds. The combination with the classic glögg spices turned into a jam session in the realm of flavors, and the result? A flavor festival that made Santa Claus himself cry with envy.

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