Blossa 20 - Marrakech

In 2020, Blossa travelled to Marrakech for inspiration for this year's flavour - mint and green tea with a Moroccan twist!

We explored Jemaa el-Fna, the storytellers' square, where the traditional Moroccan sweet tea, Maghrebi mint tea, is brewed ceremoniously and enjoyed warm in social settings. Here, we found similarities with our glögg, which is also associated with friends and family, crafted meticulously over time. The astringency of the green tea married the sweetness of the glögg and gave a delightful finish. The mint's freshness complemented the sweet note.

However, during production, our Chief Blender Åsa encountered a minor hiccup - the green dried tea leaves we used for flavoring, also known as "gunpowder," came rolled into small "bullets". These tiny bullets unexpectedly expanded significantly once in contact with liquid, and Åsa had to make several adjustments along the way to successfully bring home this year's glögg.

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