Blossa 17 - Old Delhi

In 2017, we set off for Old Delhi in India.

We found ourselves right in the heart of the bustling spice bazaar Khari Baoli - a place where people have been tinkering with spices for over 400 years. Amidst this spice haven, with aromas that make your head spin, we stumbled upon the idea for this year's flavor sensation: a sun-kissed, divinely ripe mango, a seriously spicy cumin kick, and a chili so hot it'll have you speaking Indian. The result? It was as if the glögg went on a tropical vacation and came back with a laid-back hammock vibe. Imagine a glögg ball on one side and a wild mango festival on the other – the taste buds collided in love! And just when you thought the party was over, we tossed in a bit of cumin and chili to give the glögg an epic afterparty kick, and the taste buds danced until the last drop.

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