Blossa 12 - Japan

In 2012, we drew inspiration from the exciting flavors of East Asia, and it truly left its mark on our creation: zesty yuzu meets fiery ginger.

Blossa 2012 - Yuzu and Ginger

Yuzu, a citrus fruit cultivated in Japan, is like a lively dance of grapefruit and mandarin flavors. The result? An exciting flavor extravaganza where Swedish glögg tradition met the fruity tones of the Far East. The combination of yuzu and ginger, a pairing crafted in flavor heaven, provided a wonderful balance of sweetness and freshness. The annual glögg offered a fragrance of ginger, grapefruit, and mandarin, paving the way for the classic glögg spices.

We used 7000 liters of yuzu juice for this year's blend. And as a playful detail, the bottle was adorned with the coordinates of the city of Kochi on Shikoku Island, Japan – the very place where the yuzu juice for this year's glögg came to be.

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