Blossa 11 - El Salvador

2011 was the first year when we started searching for inspiration beyond the borders of Sweden to broaden our horizons and experiment with exciting flavor combinations from all corners of the world.

Blossa 2011 - Arabica (coffee)

As a first adventure, we travelled to El Salvador to capture the flavor for this year's glögg. Dark-roasted Arabicabeans from the Menendez family went on a glögg date, resulting in a flavourful caffeine kick in every sip. The bottle was adorned with the coordinates to the coffee treasure at Finca Las Delicias, the plantation where the beans were grown. In the crafting process, approximately 1800 kg of coffee was used, extracted in spirits, and then mixed with wine and the traditional glögg spices.

The coffee from the Menendez family became a secret buzz in Sweden, and Blossa ensured it was available to purchase exclusively at the coffee haven of Johan & Nyström.

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