Blossa 08 - Blueberries & cloves

This year's flavor had a refreshing taste of blueberries with a hint of cloves.

Blossa 2008 - Blueberries and cloves

The blueberries were handpicked from our Nordic forests, imparting a lovely red-blue hue to the glögg. The aroma resembled ripe berries straight from the bush in the woods. The distinct blueberry flavor and its sweetness were well-balanced with the wine's acidity, spices, and the additional clove.

In true Blossa spirit, the production is a craft, and as usual, only natural ingredients are used. Since the blueberries were handpicked, they can vary in ripeness, color, and taste depending on when and where the berries were harvested. This, of course, also affected the colour of the glögg and to some extent, the taste. In other words, each bottle provided a unique taste experience, but always with maximum Christmas feeling!

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