Blossa 04 - Winter apple

In a world of culinary adventures and glögg magic, our Chief Blender Åsa was perfecting the annual glögg with the flavor of winter apple, all in a stunning green hue.

Blossa 2004 - Winter apple

As we filled the liquid into the bottles, the beautiful green color transformed into an unexpected and dubious shade of brown. But Åsa isn't one to be easily defeated! The recipe was altered at the last minute, and her creativity worked wonders, turning a culinary mishap into an irresistible hit that spread magic in Swedish homes during Christmas 2004.

This year, we also got the formation of wine tartrate* crystals in the glögg, resting at the bottom and resembling tiny crystals – a beautiful and unexpected addition that made the annual glögg, if possible, even more magical.

* In wine production, various types of reactions and particles can occur. This can range from cloudy material in older wines to so-called "crystals" at the bottom of the bottle, even in younger wines. This often happens because the winemaker wants to preserve the natural character of the wine and not filter out flavor components. It resembles glass fragments, but it's a harmless and entirely natural chemical reaction.

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