In collaboration with PangPang Brewery, we are releasing a glögg beer!

A festive sour beer inspired by Blossa annual glögg 2023.

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For those thirsting for new and unexpected flavor adventures this Christmas, we present, in collaboration with PangPang, the innovation Glögg Sour – a sour beer with the taste of fresh raspberries and a hint of Blossa's traditional glögg spices. It's a collaboration where two wonderful worlds of craftsmanship come together in a sparkling taste experience. The inspiration is drawn from the annual glögg of 2023, which, with raspberries and hops, pays homage to Blossa's birthplace, Stockholm, and its rich brewing culture.

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Glögg Sour is a very berry and slightly salty sour beer that, just like Blossa 23, is filled with the flavors of raspberries, Hallertauer Blanc hops, and subtle notes of Blossa's classic glögg spices. In the microbrewery PangPang, Blossa found the perfect partner to bring its vision to life, and together they have created something exceptionally refreshing to add a variation to the traditional glögg for Advent.

- The flavor combination in Blossa 23 sparked many ideas, and realising a beer collaboration that takes Blossa into a new realm is incredibly exciting. There are also many similarities between Blossa and PangPang Brewery, such as the love for craftsmanship and the enthusiasm for unexpected flavor combinations. While the collaboration may seem unconventional to some, the result is an incredibly refreshing beer and a true taste experience, says Emelie Eriksson, Senior Brand Manager at Blossa.

Glögg Sour will be released in a limited edition on November 29th. It comes in a 33 cl can with an alcohol content of 5% and is available through Systembolaget's ordering assortment as well as at PangPang Festaurang near Hornstull in Stockholm. It is listed at Systembolaget with article number 8810615.

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