Blossa 16 - Norrland

Blossa embarked on a journey to Norrland and its vast forests to seek inspiration.

Blossa 16 Crowberry Press Image

An often forgotten berry was rediscovered and took the spotlight in the Christmas of 2016 - crowberries. In the crowberry, we found a flavour that brought freshness to the forefront. Birch syrup refined from birch sap added a smooth sweetness and carried notes of butter toffee. With this year's glögg, our Chief Blender Åsa aimed to capture a forest expedition culminating around a campfire at dusk. And as a nod to the campfire, the glögg also displayed a subtle smokiness.

In addition to the unique flavor of crowberries, the design also received a significant focus as we allowed an artist to interpret the glögg and this year’s theme. The bottle was characterised by shades of green, reminiscent of the play of shadows in a forest landscape. In the center, a typography in gold is displayed, resembling a bonfire to gather around with deer, wolverines, and bears dancing around. Behind this unique design is the artist Petra Börner and the Scandinavian Design Group, whose illustrations added that little extra touch to ensure the annual glögg could be enjoyed both before and after being consumed.

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