Blossa 13 - Dalarna

"This year's BLOSSA flavor is your flavor!" This was written in the press when the 2013 annual glögg was launched.

Blossa 2013 - Rosehips and raspberries

The big news for this year was that the flavor was not revealed on the bottle. Instead, we wanted to hear how all glögg-enthusiasts perceived the taste. The secret flavors, however, were eventually revealed on December 13th, and were rose hips and raspberries. These flavours were sourced from the Dalarna region of Sweden where Blossa has its roots: the person behind the famous Blossa recipe that’s been a well-kept secret for over 150 years comes from Dalarna. He began selling glögg in his wine boutique in the late 1800s, and Blossa is still produced according to his recipe.

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