Blossa 03 - Bitter orange

Blossa stands for a blend of tradition and innovation. In 2003, we embarked on what would become a beloved Swedish Christmas tradition, much like Christmas ham and saffron buns.

Blossa 2003 - Orange

We decided that we would create a unique and memorable glögg every year that both unites and engages. In addition to our classics, we wanted to surprise with a new, limited edition each year. We kicked off this festive trend with flavors that exude Christmas: bitter orange and orange.

Another new concept that we launched in 2003 was the Blossa Bar. Over 400 bars and restaurants throughout Sweden served Blossa alongside some unexpected, exciting nibbles throughout December. Whether or not the places offered Christmas buffets, this was the perfect way to wrap up the holiday spirit and make it that extra flavourful. Let the holiday spirit shine! (V&S Wine 2003)

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